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Click here to view SHM Sheeter PDFReferbished SHM Sheeters

Refurbished to original manufactures standards, “ensuring the SHM build quality and reliability”. Unlike many used machinery dealers the machines can be offered with 3 months warranty on installed machines, together with a full after sales service.

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SHM 1400 CTR Norcan 600 1996 refurbished and repainted with 6 months warranty

•             Three (3) station slitting units

•             Overlapping slow down tape section with vacuum tail arrest

•             Edge roll de-curler

•             SHM Web tension control

•             Box type web tracker

•             Delivery air jets

•             J series unwind

•             Norcan 600 system including cut-to-register,

•             Auto sheet length and squaring.

•             Sheet counting with Single tab inserter

•             Tool kit.

•             Operational, maintenance and parts manuals.



SHM Compact 1400 Sheeter



• Two (2) x Thomasset shaft-less unwinds with pneumatic disc brakes, supplied with cones for 3” cores and mechanically expanding chucks for 4” and 6” cores. (New Comprint unwind equipment can be supplied to fit your production needs)

• Retro-fitted Interlocked mesh guard panels positioned on the operating side of the equipment and access shaft-less unwind with pneumatically operated lifting cylinder for moving up the integrated cutting head and tape section guarding.

• Edge De-curler • Two (2) x bowed rubber spreader rollers

• Trim waste removal system.

• Three station slitting unit.

• Single Rotary Knife and fixed dead knife cutting head with manual square-ness adjustment.

• Electronic sheeter counter.

• Two (2) tab inserters (not offered checked and working)

• Forwarding tape section.

• Automatic lowering lay-boy table.

• Operator Platforms.

• Documentation (operator and spare parts manuals supplied as PDF attachments).

• Spare parts if available on site associated with the equipment.


SHM Accutec 1450 cut to register sheeter

Sophisticated electronic drive cut to register sheeter.


Shaftless unwinder

Board decurler

Web tension control

Cut to register system

Reject facility

Top tapes for controlled delivery 

Raised Plie height 

We can offer installation and comissioning services. 

Refurbished SHM 1400 Cut to register sheeting machine.


A fully refurbished SHM 1400 Cut to register (CTR) Sheeter with 1 shafted unwind stand

. (Additional unwind options can be offered if multiple web operation is required for plain paper sheeting).



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