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First launched 2002 and now accepted world wide as the Converter and printer preferred sheeter. Built in Sydney Australia this sheeter incorporates many features other manufactures sell as options. Installations in UK, Australia, Japan, China, Thailand and Mexico. All models are two motor drive providing high cut off accuracy throughout speed range. Maximum speed 300m/min. Increased knife load up to 600 g.s.m. Touch screen controls.

  MODEL 1400 CTP (Cut to preprint)  P.O.A - Phone: 44 (0) 117 986 8674 or E-mail:  

The most accurate cut to preprint sheeter on the market. Fully automated set up. A finished square in register sheet is archived within the second revolution of the rotary knife.

Automatic tension control. Line or edge electronic guidance system. It's high accuracy +/- 0,15mm enables further finishing process such as, hot foil stamping, embossing and die cutting to be carried out immediately after sheeting. Data recording of all cut sheets showing actual accuracy of individual sheets.

  MODEL CTP Reject (Cut to preprint)  P.O.A - Phone: 44 (0) 117 986 8674 or E-mail:  
  As MODEL CPT incorporating a reject gate, allowing substandard materials to be rejected before reaching the finished stack on the layboy. This facility is either automated or operator controlled  
  MODEL TM1400 (Two motor drive)  P.O.A - Phone: 44 (0) 117 986 8674 or E-mail:  

Designed to handle a wide range of substrates, such as offset paper, coated papers, foil paper laminates, polyester films, opp films and no carbon required paper.

Cut off range 300mm - 1500mm. Max Mechanical speed 300m/min.

Fully automated set up of sheet length and square cutting. Press ready sheets every time.

Reel Stand  
  REEL STANDS - Phone: 44 (0) 117 986 8674 or E-mail:  

Shaftless - Pick up from floor, two magpower tension brakes, maximum parent reel diameter 1500mm, minimum parent reel diameter 500mm, maximum parent reel width 1450mm.

Maximum parent reel weight 2000kg. Core sizes 76, 150 and 300mm, slack edge and side lay control.

Shafted - Complete with 76mm expandable reel bar, magpower pneumatic tension brake, safety chucks, slack edge and side lay.

Maximum parent reel diameter 1500mm, maximum parent reel width 1450mm.

V Type Twin Shaftless Unwind - Pick up from floor, maximum roll diameter 1500mm, maximum reel weight 2000kg, core size 76, 150 & 300mm, slack edge and side lay control.

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